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Natalia Lucia Aguilar Gaona   Profile

Natalia’s childhood was a fortunate one, her older sister was very shy, that meant she had to step up to the plate. She was barely four years old when she started to interpret for her mother, who could not speak English.Experience:
Her first summer job in 1976 as a receptionist for the Los Angeles Probation Office was due to her proficient interpretation skills.  While studying architecture at the Mexican National Autonomous University in 1978, Natalia was hired by Mexico’s presidential office as a simultaneous interpreter for diplomatic events

     While in US, language agencies ,thanks to her engineering knowledge her work included bio-technical,  construction and industrial fields, interpreting for both Spanish and English language. Also translating pharmaceutical articles, atmospheric and geophysics papers.
      This experience opened Natalia’s to digital technology and visual communication; graphic and animation design, teaching  muralism, designing  TV and theatrical stage and costume. Professor for the Mexican Feminine University, Interior decoration career plan. Worked as head of the art department and was partner at Medios production company, also head project designer at “Medida del Hombre” and Waste Management projects.
   She has written five books. In Spanish “Sensible People’s Natural Power” a philosophical book of common sense (El Poder Natural De La Gente Sensata) “El Otro Mundo”. And in English “The Other World”. Founded Kartagraphix publishing Co. both cultural promotion organizations and created maps: the Codec for Mexico City, and a Native Language of Mexico available here  Also her recent work from 2020 - 2021 Conceptual Interpretation at, and her compilation of nonfiction stories Semanawak


Office in Coyoacán 1999, Lucia standing in front of  one of her many murals

Screenshot 2023-08-24 183826.png

Natalia has been a member from 2009- 2012 of the Los Angeles Downtown Sustainability Committee; Founder of Sustainable Movement helping local communities develop  which need to build trust and long term solutions. 1997 a member of FEMU (Federación de Mujeres Universitarias),  2004 -2021 EMIAA (Encuentro de Mujeres Ingenieras Arquitectas y Agremisoras) and SODETAM (Sociedad Defensora Del Tesoro Artístico De México)As part of ongoing effort to hold accountable the best practices she was part of the Drafting Task Force for Social Responsibility (ISO26000) from 2005-10. Currently working on several ongoing projects with Cooperatives in the States of Quintana Roo, Veracruz and Hidalgo, Mexico, and the Cooperative Migrant University, ( a sustainable learning Facility for the hoards of people moving across Central & South America the migrant crisis. With the support of Solidarity Architecture a Cooperative dedicated to shift construction and design concepts as well as materials, installations and processes  in case of climate real or induced catastrophes. Her architectural design check out her Gallery here.  Other websites under her direction and

Brief Biography:


Family background,  the Aguilar family migrated to the United States in 1914 Arturo Aguilar Loreto, was an attorney at law and worked for the San Antonio Mexican consulate in Texas, an advocate for human rights he wrote poetry and articles for several newspapers and magazines. His love for literature, knowledge and honesty became the family inheritance.

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